Henderson Wood Floors

Wood flooring installation contractors

laying down border laying down floor sanding more sanding

Lay out border on sub flooring.

Cutting flooring to size and gluing down to sub floor.

Cleaning off excess glue.

Sanding finished job and removing high spots.

touching up

We at Henderson Wood Flooring specialize in the installation of high quality wood floors in all types of location. We take on projects from relatively simple plank flooring to complex parquet and inlays as well as intricate borders.

Most of our clients are in the continental United States, but on occasion, we have undertaken installations abroad such as the installation featured on this page which was undertaken on the Riviera near Nice.

While we specialize in the installation of wood flooring by Patina Old World Flooring, we install flooring made by all other manufacturers.

Final touching up of the border details.

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